Our School Bus Conversion

Hunt For The Big Yellow School Bus

We are on a mission to find the perfect bus! Specifically, we are looking for a flat nose school bus, preferably with a front engine. A bus with a front nose engine would give us a large door in the back. We would also like for it to have under 150k miles and be less than fifteen years old. Oh and of course in great running condition with good life left on the tires, as we don’t want to go replacing those anytime soon (fingers crossed).

I did go and take a look at a bus yesterday, at bestbussales.com, it was perfect! Unfortunately the bus is out of the budget for the bus, but I will be checking back with them for future bus. It was my first time standing in a school bus in quite some time and man the ceiling is low. I wasn’t initially thinking about doing a roof raise…. But it has got me thinking, as I do plan on stripping the ceiling entirely.  I could try and make it a tad taller, but not anything extreme mind you. More on the conversion later down the road.

The Thomas bus that I went to see today however is a perfect example of what we are looking for in a school bus. It has everything that we need with under-bay storage, that looks like it goes all the way across. Not to mention that its only 34.5ft long!! That is a huge score because we need to have one that is under 35ft long so that it will be easier to go to national parks and RV parks, as some of them have size limits and only a few select spots for 40ft long RVs. The tires on this bus were fairly new with good tread life left, body had little to no rust, and no large dents or anything of the sort. Most of the buses that I have seen for sale generally have a few dings and what not, but lets be real it was a school bus for twelve years, there are going to be imperfections that is just life.

I didn’t get to hear it run today it as it didn’t have any batteries in at the moment. It does look like one nice bus and the fact that it has the door on the driver side half way down is fantastic. I can just see us putting the kitchen on the other side from the door and being able to open up the door and feel a nice breeze on the couch next to the kitchen.

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