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So I thought it was about time that I create some type of guide to go off of as far as the process that I will follow in the completion of the bus. For starters, all of the seats need to be removed, tear up the floor, open up every inch of the bus to the bare metal skin, and clean! After the bus is fully stripped down, we will treat the floor with a rust-oleum paint and put in a new marine grade plywood sub floor.

Then is when some fun things can start because we can actually get into the layout of the bus and make final decisions on where everything will be. After we have our final design plans for the major items and rooms we will move onto putting up studs along the walls and ceiling for drywall and all other items will be bolted to the walls. With the studs in place, we will begin the process of running all-electric and plumbing lines inside, keeping in mind placement of the water and grey water tanks.

Next up, we will be working on the partial roof raise that I plan to do on the front half of the bus, which will be the living/kitchen area that will also have a large skylight. We are going to cut the bus directly above the windows and lift the roof about nine inches. There will be a piece cut for the rear and front to have a seamless transition into the non lifted sections of the bus. In the direct middle of the lifted section of the roof we are going to put a custom skylight 32″x32″ that is up to 5 inches high & on each side will have a solar panel. Underneath the skylight we are going to cut out the supports that are directly underneath and have a fabricator create a supported opening around the skylight.

After the total completion of the roof raise we will move onto our next costly project, spray foam insulation. Because we plan to keep all the original windows in the bus I want to have the best possible insulation. I will also be possibly adding insulation below the plywood on the floor but it will all depend on head clearance in non lifted areas of the bus.

Because we will be building the bus from back to front, the sunken bed frame will be our next project. Depending on what kind of mattress we get there will also be storage cubes built-in the areas that are not occupied by the mattress. then It will be time to build the floor support that covers the mattress which will have plywood floor pieces that will be identical matches to the floor of the bus to place on top of the bed and make a raised platform in the back of the bus. Having this raised living space in the back of the bus will give us the illusion of additional floor space during the day.

After the bed platform has been completed we will focus on creating our walls for the closets and toilet room. Those will be the only four walls in the bus and they will all be on the passenger side in a row. Giving an unobstructed view from the front to the back of the bus hopefully opening it up and feeling like a bigger space. This should complete the majority of the framing in the bus only thing that left to do is start to put up dry wall and decide on what type of ceiling panels we should get. I did forget to mention we will also have a partial framing out of our custom couch as well.

With the installation of the walls and ceiling complete finishing touches by an electrician will be done on the electrical panel and battery set up. Next, we will tackle the placement of the water and grey water tanks on the under side of the bus if we have not already, and propane lines as well but I am not sure how much if any propane we will have on board.

Time to turn up the heat and get started on our custom kitchen which should be at the very center of the bus. Our kitchen will have a refrigerator, small electric stove/oven, big sink, horse troff shower that will also double as counter space with a custom removable butcher block cover, ample cabinet space, and an island overlooking the living portion of the bus. That will have a desk on one side and a large custom couch on the other that will be able to be made into a bed as well. directly behind the drive seat I am going to have made a post that is hanging down that was installed when we did the roof raise to place a tv suspended up out-of-the-way.

Flooring will go in last to cover up the plywood, right now we are thinking that it will be some type of reclaimed barn wood boards that are nailed into the sub floor and epoxy coat the top of them. Not sure if this would turn out well or if it would even make a good floor for a skoolie but we will see what our final choice for flooring will be.

Painting both inside and out will be the final step other than the insulation of all the expensive purchases that we will be in need of making. This will be the final stage in completion of the bus other than fully moving into it. Comments, Shares, and Likes are all greatly appreciated and find us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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