Our School Bus Conversion

Going to pick up the BUS on Tuesday!!

We fly out of ORD at 8:25AM on Spirit Airlines to BWI and are scheduled to land at 11:18AM at which time we will get picked up and taken to our new purchase: 03 Thomas 28 foot Handicap School Bus. We are both so excited to get our bus and travel to Maryland at the same time! So we will complete the purchase of our new soon to be tiny house on wheels, part ways with the bus for the night and explore Baltimore! We will be staying at an Airbnb location that I should be looking up now  but am instead writing this post.

Not much else really going on as far as the bus is concerned as we don’t officially have it. However I did find a spot to park and work on the bus today so that is very exciting! It was actually a whole lot easier to find yard space than I thought and that is what it is called, just a little nugget of wisdom for those of you who have never looked for space to rent like me up until a few days ago.

The hardest part about looking for yard space is that nobody really wants to let you work in the yard due to insurance nonsense. I did however find two separate locations to park my bus and be able to work on it and I think that I invested little more than 3 hours worth of  time including driving. First off I stopped by the local mom and pop rv/boat/toy storage/rv-store place that is about 5 min from my house. Reason for starting here is simple it is the easiest spot to get to. Well I walked in explained that my plan is to park my school bus yes school bus in your yard and magically turn it into a custom class a motor-home. Well the YOU CAN’T DO THAT HERE followed shortly after a good rolling of the eyes.

Next up some giant mosh pit of semi truck repair shops and all different types of parked vehicles with a sign out front that says Yard Storage Call… So I proceed to pull into the giant yard  and park next to some semi’s and right next to the biggest building on the property which happens to be a small truck repair shop (good for future reference) but turns out is not the office.  So walk over to the office and meet Cliff a nice older gentleman who was watching tv and lounge about in this shack that said office on it. I thought to my self this place is perfect and that’s what Cliff thought as well he was totally on board with the construction of out new skoolie. Cool thinking to my self this was easier than I had thought but turns out he is flipping through some planner book and unfortunately forgot that he had just rented out the last 20 open spots to a company. Only my second no so not very discouraging as I got a lead from Cliff.

Well per Cliff I headed down the road in search of a gravel driveway that led to an area that had lots of trailers….. after about 30 min of driving around the gravel roads in the area I found the spot that Cliff had told me about and I went and met Paul who is a bit younger than Cliff but more like a grumpy old man. He had the room for the bus but would not let me work on it in his yard at all but he was fine with me paying to park on his property, ya that wont work.

I headed home at this point to google yard space now that I know what I am looking for I should be able to find it online and low and behold I did. Went straight for craigslist and emailed a place i found about a 20 min drive from the house.  When I was on break today I saw an email from the craigslist ad that I had responded to. So on my lunch break I spoke with Scott and he is on board with the conversion as well and has the room for me to keep it there. Cool couldn’t be more easy right, chatted for a bit with Scott and went to go look at the location before I agree on anything and it is perfect got everything I wanted. Within 30 min of the house, fence, can work on and park bus there. Going to call tomorrow and finalize everything up.

Tomorrow I will update you on the finalizing of the yard space that I am renting and may even have a few pics of the space. If you enjoy reading or watching about us we would really appreciate it if you would share us with your friends. It really means a lot to us so thank you in advance. Also tomorrow I will be getting Insurance for my non converted school bus will give you all the good details on that as well. And before you can say it is hard to find insurance for Skoolies took me only 30 min total (including phone call)  to find a company who will insure it before and after conversion.

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