Our School Bus Conversion

Might Have Found The Bus

Yup this finally might be the one! 2007 Thomas School Bus 52 adult, 78 Child Capacity with only a little over 40k miles. It is a front engine with I believe a 5.9 cummins from the research I did online. I am not sure why the add reads that it is a Cat 3226, I am not even sure that is an actual engine. It is going to be on the longer end of the spectrum but it is so new still in bus years and has little miles we can not pass it up. This was a spare bus that was used according to the school district they have full service records on this bus as well as the two sister buses that are the same as this bus but with 90k miles on each of them.

Right now the buses are at a Thomas dealership about 40 miles outside of Albany, New York how perfect is that! So the game plan is tomorrow to call up the dealership and have the service department do an inspection of the buses for us to ensure that they are in good mechanical working order and will need just regular routine maintenance. Hopefully if all goes according to plan they will come back and be in perfect condition and sell for a low price at the end of the auction and one of them will be ours.

Then we will be flying out to Albany to start the maiden voyage home which will consist of about 15 hours of driving and an initial mileage of about 900 miles. It will be exciting driving our 35+ foot school bus with air brakes down the highway for 15 some odd hours. Absolutely bursting with excitement to get my hands on the bus and start the conversion process. I’m not as much excited to do the conversion its self as I am motivated to get it done and get it done right the first time so we will be able to use and move into the bus. I know that some people enjoy the building process of the skoolie but for me it will be the experiences that it will bring for me and Breanna. It truly is going to be a life changing and eye opening experience and I cannot wait.

Tomorrow I will be working on creating an itinerary for the conversion process so that I know the order of how I want to tackle this project.

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