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September 2015

Our School Bus Conversion

School Bus Conversion Pics

Most of these pictures are from uploads to some old post from our original website that may or may not make it to this site. However I still wanted to be able to share all of them with you still.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #9 Wheel Chair Rail Removal Part 1

Lets go Grinding!! So the wheel chair rails were not to terrible to remove. I definitely recommend just going at them with the grinder and then popping them off with a pry bar. On a side note invest the money to get a decent grinder as well as buying the largest pry bar that you can find. Both of these items are more valuable than gold if you are going to demo a school bus and convert it into a skoolie. The links take you to the grinder that I have been using as well as the pry bar. I am not recommending any brand over another these are just the tools that I used, I do not plan on using the tools very much after the build is completed but would like them to at least last through the build. We had purchased a wired Ryobi grinder only reason was to match all my other tools but we ended up burning it up in less than 2 hrs. Could be a fluke but just my experience, no other issues with the other tools I have by them. (no video of that sorry I was running back to home depot for something and Breanna was using it and I forgot to set the GoPro)

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #7

So not to be redundant or anything but want to watch us remove even more SCREWS!! As I previously have said guys there are a lot of screws to remove on the inside of a school bus. If you do enjoy reading or watching about our adventurers please send us a comment on our FaceBook page we would love to hear from you!! Until next time.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #6

Screws! Screws! Screws! Screws!And guess what more screws it seemed like a never ending job. Lots of school buses are put together with rivets and thankfully ours a Thomas Built Bus used screws so it was fairly easy to remove them. Some get stuck and stripped and need to be grinded out but overall it was an easy process. Just plan on spending some serious time removing Screws.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #5

First glimpse at the floor of our school bus! AnBoy does it look perfect! There are a few rust spots that will need to be taken care of however nothing major. Overall the floor is in fantastic shape even the plywood in most areas is in great shape. We will be removing the entire floor and prepping the metal with ospho then painting it with rust-oleum. Then we get to install some insalation and a new sub floor of 3/4″ marine grade plywood. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and like our FaceBook page!

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion #4

Did I really have to unscrew everything off the floor?? No I get lazy about half way through and don’t bother to unscrew all of it but most of it. It is actually easier to deal with the floor with out the metal on it. However you could just leave it on and cut through it though. Over all this part of the process is pretty self explanatory if you have read up on converting a school bus to an rv or tiny home.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #3

In this video you can see the part of the chair rail that I ended up pulling one of the bolts through. If I would have been a little more patient and looked I would have been able to see that heater tube cover could have came off and I could have then gotten to the bottom of the bolt.  So my advice to anyone starting the beginning conversion process, tearing out the seats as well as doing general bus deconstruction just be careful and go slow. Better to go slow and catch a mistake before it becomes a problem.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #8

Yes there are a few screws to be taken out however we do remove the whole ceiling! This is probably the biggest milestone that we have hit yet!! Other than picking the bus up and driving it 14+ hours home from Baltimore. If you are going to build your own tiny home or RV out of a school bus I cannot stress enough how important it is to put new insulation  in the ceiling. This will be the key to comfort in our skoolie. Take a look at the garbage they call insulation in the ceiling of  school buses.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Removing School Bus Seats With Hand Tools

Here is when we started to remove the bus seats! This was probably easier than I had thought that it was going to be mainly because our buss had such little rust. It wasn’t the most pleasant of jobs however by far one of the easiest and straight forward tasks that we have completed with the bus. I mean its easy this is the seat its bolted down unscrew and remove doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking or planning as to getting rid of the seats.