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Skoolie Conversion Update #9 Wheel Chair Rail Removal Part 1

Lets go Grinding!! So the wheel chair rails were not to terrible to remove. I definitely recommend just going at them with the grinder and then popping them off with a pry bar. On a side note invest the money to get a decent grinder as well as buying the largest pry bar that you can find. Both of these items are more valuable than gold if you are going to demo a school bus and convert it into a skoolie. The links take you to the grinder that I have been using as well as the pry bar. I am not recommending any brand over another these are just the tools that I used, I do not plan on using the tools very much after the build is completed but would like them to at least last through the build. We had purchased a wired Ryobi grinder only reason was to match all my other tools but we ended up burning it up in less than 2 hrs. Could be a fluke but just my experience, no other issues with the other tools I have by them. (no video of that sorry I was running back to home depot for something and Breanna was using it and I forgot to set the GoPro)

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