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October 2015

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #15 We Got A Jeep

Well if you didn’t guess it from the title or haven’t seen it before we got a Jeep! It is going to be our toad when we are road full time, (hey that kinda rhymes). Going to be doing some mods to it as well in the future. For now not to much in the way of bus work today just cleaning up a bit for the welders as our skylight is going to be ere in the next few days.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #14 Coolant & Heater Removal

Getting splashed with antifreeze is not to much fun but the good news is that NONE GOT IN THE BUS!! So overall I could have saved us a lot of time, if I took a little more time and just looked at the connection in the front. We went to like three or four stores looking for a T connection that would fit the coolant lines. But if I would have looked and paid a bit more attention I would have sen that there was a T connection that I could tap into where all the lines meet in the front. I ended up using this connection point in the end as we didn’t find anything at all of the stores that we went to.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #13 Window Install

So the windows go back in just as smooth as they went out. Only had a minor issue with one of the windows going back in had to wack it in with the sledge hammer and used some foam to soften the blow on the window. (sry didn’t slow the video down during that part) All in all everything is coming along quite well.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update # 12 Window Removal Part 2

Removing all the windows and prepping to reinstall. Overall the removal of the windows went pretty well, it is quite simple to remove them just break the seal and pull. I had no idea that it would really be that simple as just pulling them out. However if I were to do it again I would have just pulled them out in the very beginning before we started any grinding.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update! #11 Window Removal Part 1

Alright so this video is actually a week old. Sorry I wasn’t able to post it sooner. It has been a busy past week or two, have had a lot going on with the bus as well as needed to decide what to do about our car situation. The lease was up for my car today and we had been trying to figure out what to do. Personally I wanted to buy a white construction work van and convert it to be a stealth camper van but that will be a different post.

We both really want to have a Jeep Wrangler as our toad behind the school bus. One of the main reasons is it is a vehicle that can be flat towed as there really aren’t that many options for flat towed vehicles. Second is we both have always wanted to have a Jeep. I will be posting more info about our Jeep as well but here is a picture of the one that we are probably going to get!

Jeep Wrangler TJ 2001