Honeymoon in Europe

Well to start things off we decided that we wanted to go on a big adventure for our honeymoon. We had tossed around ideas about going to Fiji, as one of my life goals is to visit there before I turn 30! I have have always been in love with island life ever since reading Robinson Crusoe. Even Koro (our 1st born) got his name from an Island in Fiji that we would love to live on.

We eventually decided upon doing a backpacking trip around Europe visiting a few different places. We put a list together trying to decide where to go and eventually ended up deciding upon London, Prague, Rome, and Paris. It was intense! But we wouldn’t have changed it for the world. The trip was quite the experience, not everything went as planned, as is the case with any vacation or adventure which also happens to be half the fun, not to mention the most memorable moments.

I started planning the trip with flight searches to determine the cheapest option as far as air fare goes. No sense in overpaying for a flight! No matter what it will be uncomfortable and bring you to the same place. I use cheapoair and google flights to find the lowest fares for travel. Ended up being a flight from Chicago to London with a 60min layover in Dublin and then on the way back we would spend the night in Dublin with about a 13hr layover.
After scouring searches for our connecting flights to the different cities that we wanted to visit I finally ended up with our temporary itinerary of London 1 night, Prague 3 nights, Rome 3 nights, Paris 2 nights, London 2 nights, and finally 1 night in Dublin. I Tried to maximize the days with having travel either in the morning or afternoon. I will be writing more about our trip but just wanted to give a quick overview. If you would like to check out some of our videos from our trip here is our playlist on youtube. FYI These are my first videos that I made and have since improved my shooting and editing lol.

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