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Meat Has A Face

It’s so obvious. Obviously the bacon from my bacon cheesburger came from a living breathing animal.

use this somewhere

Except that was my biggest struggle when becoming vegetarian. It was so natural & habitual for me to just order “chicken this” + “chicken that” without even considering what the meat actually was. So, believe it or not, meat comes from animals who have faces + feelings.

I remember a day specifically while standing in the Panera line, thinking to myself “Chicken Noodle? Sounds great. Oh nevermind that has meat in it”. As if I had forgotten my meat had a face. I had become so accustom to ordering a meat filled dish that I had disassociated it with coming from a living breathing animal.

My first thought about steak never used to be images of a blood filled slaughterhouse or deforestation, but bbqing in the summer or at a fancy dinner. Steak was about spending the day grilling and drinking beer in the backyard. It was about getting the right flavor and finding the right bottle of Cabernet to go with it.

Turning vegetarian is about awareness. It’s about bringing awareness to what on your plate was born with a face.

Now that you’ve heard about my biggest battle becoming vegetarian, in the comments below I’d love to hear yours!


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