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Meet Koro!

First off, don’t shop, ADOPT!

We first found Koro when looking for a puppy to adopt. We had our hearts set on rescuing a shiba inu puppy. As we browsed the Hinsdale Humane Society’s website, we stumbled across 5 month old Koro, who was listed as a shiba inu mix. He also had a twin there who looked more like a sheltie mix. It didn’t matter, we had to have him. We still don’t know much about Koro’s breeding & to be honest we don’t care. Often we refer to him as a our LBD, little brown dog.


We raced off to the Hinsdale Humane Society and met with Koro that night. He was kinda nervous and a bit standoffish, but as we got out some toys, we totally bonded. We learned that him, his brother, and his mom had all been rescued from a high-kill shelter in St. Louis, MO. We called the rescue the next day after thinking it over & made Koro officially ours. We would have him within the next few days after taking a trip to the vet. That night we went on a shopping spree so our new puppy would feel right at home. A few days later we picked him up from the Naperville Animal Hospital & we’ve been rubbing his belly ever since. Josiah was the one responsible for coming up with his name. No it’s not Coral, Kora, or Carob. It’s K-O-R-O (pronounced core-o). It’s an island off of Fiji, one of Josiah’s dream places to vacation before he turns 30.

This is my all time favorite picture of Koro. I was getting ready to go to class one morning and he has stolen an apple from my backpack when I wasn't looking.

As soon as we could, we got Koro signed up for obedience classes at Narnia Dog Training. He actually loves obedience, he excels at it. He wants nothing more than to get a trick right, and you can tell he’s proud of himself. He’s a happy go lucky puppy who loves napping and eating goldfish crackers. But don’t ever wake him up. It’s like waking a ferocious monster. He loves going on long walks and covering himself in skunk pee by violently flopping into it. It’s a sight to see. He looks so happy doing it that I just can’t stop him, which of course leads to many baths. meet koro

He loves to run. Koro can run faster than any dog at the dog park. He’s super speedy and can take tight turns. Sadly, we don’t take Koro to the dog park anymore, because he has been diagnosed with little dog syndrome. He didn’t always used to be that way + it breaks my heart that he isn’t very friendly to dogs he’s never met. But it’s not all his fault. One day while playing at the Whalon Lake Dog Park he was attacked by a standard poodle named Moca. If one looks on his nose they can see where he still has a scar. Koro came running towards me with his tail between his legs and a gash on his nose. Also, it doesn’t help we live in a neighborhood where people seem to find it acceptable to let their dogs roam free with no care in the world. We constantly run into stray dogs on our walks and Koro hates this. So yes, my dog Koro is an asshole, but it’s not all his fault. He’s been getting much better at ignoring other dogs and we even had a bark + growl -free time at The Morton Arboretum last Saturday during one of their dog days, where hundreds of dogs were present.


All in all, Koro is a great dog + we wouldn’t trade him for anything. He’s the best cuddler, loves car rides, will eat your food so you don’t get fat, & is always up for an adventure. We are blessed everyday to have him in our home. We think he will enjoy being on the bus and we plan on making him his own little spot to look out window. He’s already visited the bus and didn’t hesitate to jump right into it.


So go home + hug your dog, because they truly are man’s best friend.

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