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Pumbaa is Here!


I remember the first day I laid eyes on Pumbaa like it happened yesterday.

I was at home waiting for Josiah to get finished with his shift at Xerox. He called me on his break and said “Don’t look at Hinsdale Humane Society‘s website, but there’s chow mix puppies on there & they’re so cute.” Of course I had to look. & man were they adorable. So as soon as Josiah got off work, we headed over with Koro + met our future Pumbaa.

Her + Koro didn’t hit it off exactly how we planned, but after some tumbling they seemed to be doing well. The staff there assured us that Koro was just teaching Pumbaa the ropes and some well needed manners. That night we decided Pumbaa would be the next addition to our family. Pumbaa was nine-weeks old & barely weighed in at 1o pounds. I have to say Pumbaa is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Go ahead and try to argue with me, I’m just going to leave these here.

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Once again we’re not so sure about Pumbaa’s breeding. She may be chow + german shepherd. Pumbaa is an awesome dog who is super friendly to whomever she meets. She can be weary of strange men and screaming children. Tantruming babies seem to frighten her the most, as she gets upset with the screams. She also loves meeting new dog friends. When we first got Pumbaa she got car sick easily and would turn green. Now she fights with Koro for window space. We aren’t sure how Pumbaa will like the bus, but we’re hoping that with time she will learn to love it and know it as home.

I have to say Pumbaa is the most loyal dog I know. She will wait at the back door for you to come home. Even on nights I get home from work at 2am, she won’t go to sleep till I get home. She knows the sounds of our cars pulling in and runs into the kitchen turning on the sensor light for us.

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Her and Koro are pals. She’s his annoying little sister and whenever she gets nervous she looks to him. On walks she always has to smell whatever he is investigating. She actually didn’t sniff at much until observing Koro do so. When we go to park she always follows Koro and won’t venture off without him. It was Koro who taught her about going into the brush and chasing the squirrels up trees. They don’t always agree but at the end of the day, they always snuggle up.

Having two high energy dogs always creates chaos at home, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you to Hinsdale Society for making our house a home.

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