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Shuffling Towards Veganism

I always knew I’d stop meating (eating meat) one day, I just didn’t know when.

My name’s Breanna, I’m a vegetarian going vegan. But that’s not all. I’m also a cookie eater, horse lover, dog cuddler, Jeep driver, wannabe minimalist, and wife of a husband who’s converting a school bus into a tiny home.

I still have the memory clip in my head. I was 13 and was on a youth group trip with my church friends heading to one of those team building resorts. A girl named Kaitlyn was defending herself on why she didn’t meat. We all sat there thinking she was crazy. She went into detail about how KFC threw their chickens against the wall to kill them (I never did check the credibility on that).  That moment, is the exact moment that started this all.

It wouldn’t be until college that I’d have another run in with vegetarianism. I never thought when I met Dr. Miller, my philosophy teacher, that he would have a lasting impression on me. On our very first day he asked us if we were speciesist. Did we as meat eaters think we were better than others, such as cows, monkeys, and horses. Strangely, maybe because of  our pride, we all answered “no”. I mean we all ate meat and yet never would admit that we thought less of the animals that provided the flesh. Over the course we would watch tons of documentaries about where our food came from. We viewed Forks Over KnivesFat, Sick, and Nearly DeadFood Inc. and any other documentary out there that makes one question what’s on their plate. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the instance I declared my love for vegetables and stop eating meat. I wasn’t going to let propaganda and biased Netflix documentaries change my comfortable lifestyle.

Years later after eating my fair share of chicken caesar salads and bacon cheeseburgers I decided I was going to dedicate myself to being a vegetarian. But it wasn’t until after I saw something with my own eyes that my life would change. My best friends and I were on our way back home from Nashville, TN. We had just spent the weekend killing our livers, stuffing our faces with BBQ, and having the time of our lives for my Bachelorette party. As we were in the midst of the 8 hour drive back home a semi pulled in front of us. It wasn’t just any semi. It was a semi truck trailer filled with chickens. Alive, dead, and frightened chickens were aboard a ride to hell. I knew from that moment on I didn’t want any of those chickens atop my iceberg lettuce.

The one thing Dr. Miller did teach me was that, life is about shuffling in the right direction, because eventually after enough shuffling, things will be where they need to be. These three instances shuffled me into place.

& That’s it. That’s my story. I’d love to hear your story about becoming vegetarian or vegan in the comments below 🙂

I wonder if Kaitlyn is still vegetarian.


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