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Skoolie Conversion Update #16 Winterize the Bus

Alright well a big thank you to all of my youtube subscribers! (subscribe here) 65, as I write this post, how awesome!

So we went to the bus yesterday and drove down to the bp which is about 3 miles down a gravel frontage road. Luckily there was basically no snow  on it just some mud and a whole bunch of pot holes. I had read on skoolie.net about winterizing the bus as well as done a few other google searches and determined that I definetly needed to fill the tank up.

When we got back from Baltimore I left a little less than half a tank when I parked it. I had not researched anything on winterizing the bus yet and did not know that it would be better to have a full tank. Reason being condensation will not be able to form. I also topped off the coolant since we emptied out a fair amount when getting rid of the heaters. I put back in about a gallon and a half. Also got some great news the coolant line bypass had zero leaks so that is a huge plus.

Other than the full tank I decided I would also put in some winter fuel stabilizer. I put in a little bit more per gallon than they recommended, but I do not foresee that being a problem. In the spring I will be replacing the fuel filter as well as taking it to a shop to get a tuneup, and oil change. Not to mention getting rid of the governor 51mph as well. I also decided to disconnect the batteries as well and seeing as how we just bought them on the way home from Maryland so I’m also going to bring them home to keep out of the cold as well. I think that they would be fine left in the bus but better safe than sorry. But if you think I should just leave them there let me know.

Other than that we swept up a bit more and that’s about it. Just a quick run over to the bus as I had to change my schedule for Thanksgiving. The good news is with all of the wires that I have removed from the bus it still fires up and runs like a champ! It was purring like a kitten the whole time and was an absolute blast to drive minus the potholes lol. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the video!!

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  • Zack Andrews
    November 26, 2015 at 7:20 AM

    Sounds like a plan! I will do something similar here in coming weeks, we are about to get hit with a ton of rain, but so far no snow has been forecasted.