Captains Log

Star Date 11-6-15

So I thought that it would be fun to just start documenting more and more of our transition from the normal 9-5 to living aboard our land yacht of a tiny home. Now when I say normal living our “normal” life is still a tad alternative in the fact that our week starts on your Thursday with our weekend being Tuesday & Wednesday. Not to mention that we also have two roommates along with our two children Koro & Pumbaa sharing a whopping 1,470sqft.

 Let’s start with some truth shall we:

There are only two reasons that this website and our social media accounts exists, first being to bring in a small income that we can use while on the bus full-time along with other jobs. The second is we are able to reach a lot more people and hopefully make enough of an impact in their life (YOUR LIFE) to promote change.


If you haven’t read Breanna’s post about going vegan which she is in the process of doing and I am switching to more of a vegetarian based diet.  This transition has been very eye-opening to both of us that the world we are looking upon today is changing and not for the better I might add. I am sure that I will be discussing this in further posts so will leave with that for now.

I want to thank you for visiting our site and taking time out of your life to hear about ours. If you enjoy watching us please subscribe and drop us a line on our Facebook Page as well.

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