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Winter Is Comming

Well winter is right around the corner not to mention the holidays and new year. Original plan was to have our skylight installed, spray foam completed, and floor installed with insulation and ¾” plywood. Well none of those items have happened lol.

So I may have been a little too optimistic when goal planning originally and still am a bit optimistic as I would like to be completed in June of 2016. But here it goes this will be the timeline that we will hopefully be able to follow (fingers crossed).


Fill up tank and winterize engine

Remove front bulk head.


Dependent on temps we will also apply ospho to all rusted areas as well as use fiberglass to cover all the holes in the foor.

If we are able to get those items taken care of we will also then paint on some rustoleum

So what if the weather does not cooperate with my days off??? The back up plan is going to be to clean up the floor as best I can then cover it in cardboard so there is no metal exposed.

December to March

We will be using this time to acquire items for the build as well as this is going to be out layout planning stage. I watched a video not that long ago about a stealth van conversion and how he made a full scale version from cardboard before building for the perfect layout and design. immediately a light bulb went off in my head that this is the best way for us to determine our layout.

With making a full scale model in the bus out of cardboard we will be able to make changes quickly to determine exactly what we are looking for with our layout.  Not to mention this will hopefully speed up the build come spring time because everything will already have a predefined place.


Depending on if we are able to get the floor in the next couple of weeks this will be the first project in the spring.

Next will be installing the skylight.

Install main support for rooftop deck.

Have spray foam installed

Build bed/floating floor frame.


Frame bathroom walls

Run pex for plumbing

Install Kitchen sink and cabinets

Build main couch area

Install Ceiling


Run all electric

Paint Roof/Bus

Install Solar Panels

Build Rooftop Deck

There are many mini projects that I have not listed here but this gives a good general overview. I have a feeling that we will be able to move much quicker in the spring as i will be able to use some vacation days to have three day weekends to work on the bus. Not to mention the fact that we would like to use it over the summer as well. As always thanks for reading about and watching us always appreciate the support and if you want to stay updated with our new life subscribe to our youtube channel and website for up to date info. AND DON’T FORGET WINTER IS COMING!!!

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