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December 2015

Captains Log

Star Date 12-14-15

We went to the protests downtown the other day, I am in full support for a change in our government. Illinois and Chicago are notoriously corrupt which has never given me great faith in the Feds either. I have been thinking about starting another channel and site more about change that needs to start taking place.

Heading to the bus this week to do some odd and end things. I need to clean up the wiring a bit and remove the front bulk head. Got some work to do on the jeep as well in the next coming weeks. I plan on doing a 1″ transfer case drop and adjust my control arms to see if I can get rid of some driveline vibration. Not much else has been happening, we have just been having some fun out doing christmas stuff. But sure will have more to update tomorrow and will hopefully have a video to post. Plus we are going to a vegan meetup group in the city as well.

Captains Log

Star Date 12-8-15

Vacation here we come! 

Just got done purchasing the major expenses for a mini vacation to Orlando & Cocoa Beach. Luckily I have a few miles built up with Southwest and was able to get two roundtrip tickets for 23k points and $22.47 for fees. Not able to be on the beach for my birthday but pretty close as we will be heading out early on the 12th of January and coming back the 16th. It should be a nice relaxing vacation with lots of beach time , Universal, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Other than that not much is happening in the way of the bus as I’m sure you know. Just getting ready for the holidays and what not. We had went to Iowa to visit some of my family for Thanksgiving. Also went out and got all of our shopping for christmas done. Breanna and I don’t get gifts for each other instead we are going to go on the trip =) It sure is going to be a blast that is for sure! We had been debating on a few different trips to do but in the end we both wanted the same thing to be on the beach for as cheap as we could get it.

Captains Log Veggie Life

No Meat For Me

I love meat! Ribs, wings, steak, and burgers are some of the foods that I miss eating the most. I have decided to switch to a non meat based diet and may in the future transition to a vegan/raw diet. I am not making this transition because of the wife or for any health reasons. This is a decision that has long been in the back of my mind and is just now being implemented in my daily life.

Here is how I came to decision

Nature (aka the environment, animals, oceans…) is something that needs to be preserved for future generations on earth in my opinion. I cannot imagine a world where elephants, whales, orangutans, and other animals are either extinct or are only “alive” in zoos. This is appalling to me!

Here is what I know to be truth

Before humans took over the earth animals were everywhere! How do I know this to be truth well let’s take the American Bison also known as the Buffalo for an example. Before America headed towards the west coast the bison population is estimated to be 30 to 60 MILLION according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.But wait we decided to KILL pretty much all of them!

Bison skulls pile to be used for fertilizer , 1870

This is a truth that cannot refuted as it is clearly documented in American history. But maybe you might think that it is just a rare occurance that this particular animal got fucked over by humans. I am going to post the pictures below of a few other animals that the human race has decided are better suited for other purposes than living. Some of the photos are going to be from past eras but not all as we haven’t learned anything from our past mistakes yet. 





 It is pretty simple to see that we have taken animals for granted and the entire planet. Some amount of change is necessary in our everyday lives if we want earth as we know it to continue after we are gone. A picture that I ran into online a few days ago said there is no Planet B and it just reinforced all of the changes that we are making in our lives as the right choices.