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Book Report On Untamed

While on Vacation in Florida, I convinced Josiah to stop at Barnes & Noble so I could pick up a book to read on the beach. I was looking for an inspiring book about adventure. Sitting on the non-fiction shelf was a book I was about to devour within 48 hours. That book is Untamed The Wildest Woman in America and the Fight for Cumberland Island by Will Harlan. Before I knew it I was on the beach completely digested into the fascinating life of Carol Ruckdeschel.


Untamed tells the story of Carol and how she spends her whole life defending nature and doing whatever she can to preserve it. She is one true activist and the way she lives her life is true to her word. The book reveals how big corporations and the even the National Parks Service is money hungry. Apparently, even wilderness is for sale. It’s devastating to learn that people are more interested in filling their pockets, instead of protecting mother earth.

At first I was a little weary of her eating roadkill, as myself being a vegan. But at least she didn’t let them die in vain. Most of the meat she consumed had either been hit by a car, needed to be put down due to medical reasons, or it was seafood she caught in a small net. I suppose if you’re going to eat meat, then it should come from an already dying animal source.

The way she speaks about religion is so interesting and she doesn’t try to hide her blunt feelings. She views religion as just a way to cope with the thought of death. I suppose one doesn’t really need to live on earth or face themselves if they believe they are going to some afterlife. Carol knows death is death & there’s no redo. In the book the reader can observe how she really does live her one life to the fullest.

After reading the biography of Carol, I also learned how endangered sea turtles really are. Meat eaters do not realize that eating seafood is not only causing pain and suffering to the animal on the their dinner plate, but also endangering the species of other wildlife. Carol describes how mass fishing and scraping of the bottom of the ocean for shrimp is causing extreme environmental issues. Us carnivores are screwing up the ecosystem that so many different species count on. I hope people who read her book think twice before maxing out on a seafood trio platter.

I fell in love with this book and after reading it, I hope to be able to explore the wilderness of Cumberland Island and see all the beauty Carol saw in it. She’s one hell of a fighter & an activist. The book is about a woman who shows no fear & sticks up for what she believes in.


Till my next book,

Breanna XOXO

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