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February 2016

Captains Log

Star Date 2-25-16


I think that I have done a good job so far in posting more often in here as well as on Youtube. Actually I have decided that I want to have a new video posted every day. Yes you read that right.

On one hand I don’t think that anyone will even really watch all of the videos just like this probably will not be read lol. But I enjoy it and that is what is important and if you’re reading this I am going to assume you do as well if you’re reading this. However my mom did teach me what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me. But I digress….

Ok so for starters we got the bus seat! There will be more on that on a skoolie update post and video and the like. It looks like a brand new seat it really does. We also took the jeep top down and went for a drive to the bus to work on it the other day. I thought the video turned out pretty good. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it.

I spoke with my Aunt about coming to park and finish up the bus at there house. My Uncle has been an electrician is whole life and going to give me some pointers and instruction for the bus. Last thing that I need to do is blow it up or start an electrical fire. All that hard work I have been putting in an will put in would have been for nothing.

So there you have it folks I have stuck with it and been writing more posts to keep the website updated. Also going to be posting new videos daily on youtube! #mynewchallenge




Captains Log

Minimalism & My Sweater

So I have actually decided that I am going to go deeper into minimalism than I had originally thought. I am going to go more into this in another video however because I have just found out about the capsule wardrobe. So more on that later.

Captains Log

STAR DATE 2-19-16

Well how should I put this….. 

I cannot wait to get going on the bus! We are both more excited than ever to start our lives living on converted school bus. It sounds so strange to say it “well my wife and I our converting a school bus…” and then I get the looks. If you’re converting your own bus you definitely know the look that I am referring to.The adventure that we are going to be setting out upon is indeed going to be a very perilous journey filled with ups and downs along the way. However I know that with Breanna we will be able to pull through together.

So enough daydreaming about being on the bus… 

I wanted to share a little with you about how my shuffle towards veganism is going. I love it!! That’s about all there is to it. Just the other day I was watching shark tank and low and behold a honey substitute was one of the products/companies. It is called Bee Free Honee and I absolutely love it! I have known about the bee epidemic for awhile now and not known how to help. I used to use honey quite frequently in tea, on my toast and sandwiches. If you don’t know already you need to try peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Although now I would recommend Bee Free Honee.

Removing meat from my diet was not as hard as you would think. There are plenty of meat substitutes that taste as good if not better than meat. I have had no ill effects from not eating meat and I would even say I feel better than I did eat meat. I have had some meat whether it be at a restaurant or work luncheon. But on those days that I have had a meal primarily derived from meat I felt like crap! Physically!

Enough of me rambling I plan on making a few videos and posts about what veganism is to me as well as how to start shuffling yourself. As always don’t forget to subscribe and get ready for an exciting adventure because the next stop is Bus Life!

Our School Bus Conversion

100% Solar Is The Goal

I have been meaning to post this for quite some time. So let’s get down to business shall we….


With that said I learned the most from a site that I would hope you have heard of before HandyBob’s. I also did some dabbling on youtube, blogs, and general google searches. I had no knowledge about solar other than the obvious which the sun hits the panel electricity goes through the wire to a battery bank then to a fuse box or outlets and then just magically work.

While that is the basic concept there is a whole bunch more to learn that I am still trying to gain a basic understanding. First things are you have to be able to determine what your usage is going to kind of be like. Which is why we are not going to go 100% solar in the beginning. We need to have a good idea as to what our energy consumption is going to look like before we start investing a lot of money. The last thing that I want to do over spend on items I really did not need.

So starting off we will have a 250 watt panel, 2k watt honda generator, and a sizeable battery bank. This should get us going with more than enough power to boondock comfortably. I keep having to remind myself that the process of building a skoolie will not stop even when we get on the bus. 100% solar power is the goal but playing it safe is going to be the way to go for us.

Captains Log

Star Date 2-12-16

 So I have been doing a fair amount of research into solar and I think that I will be able to swing it. I am going to go over that in a post soon fingers crossed…

Lately I have actually been working on our youtube channel and trying to learn new tricks to make it more successful. I mentioned in  my first Captain’s Log entry on what the purpose of the channel and site are for. I think that it is  definitely coming along just passed 120 subscribers today or yesterday. I cannot express myself enough how much it means to me that people are watching our videos. I truly hope that they are being enjoyed and hopefully found useful if you’re doing your own conversion.

The bus really needs to come sooner rather than later. I am soo ready to just start living life rather than be locked up in a cubicle all day. That’s about all that is really going on right now. I am looking forward to be able to just see the world. The vision that I have in my head for when we are in the bus is simple. Travel for a few months till we are low on funds then find a spot to live for 3 months or so and then hit the road again and repeat. There are some specific places that we are dying to go to and possibly live and work in as well. We just need to get the ball rolling!!

Not much else to say other than thanks for  reading and don’t forget to subscribe and like our page if you haven’t already. I know I must sound redundant about that but it really does mean the world to me. I like taking a look at the real time page on youtube and see that the videos are being watched. It makes me feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life. At the very worst I only wasted a small fragment of there time on EARTH.


Breanna's Journal Europe

Best of Europe

Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part of Europe was and I just can’t decide on one!

SOOO. I decided to write my top favorites from each country!



  • Going to the Borough Market. There was so much delicious food everywhere. This is where I go to try the Egyptian food for the first time & have been craving it ever since. It the biggest and best farmer’s market I have ever been to.
  • I’m not sure where we were, but we were on the other side of the channel + directly across from Tower of London at a viewing of an important soccer match. There were a couple pop-up bars and furniture space out for people to mingle. This is where I had the best falafel ever. It was a beautiful night out and we felt totally in with the locals.
  • During a tour one day, we had a 45 min break to go have lunch. While everyone else was headed to Express Pizza or Prett a Manger, we wanted to go to an authentic english pub. The guide directed up towards a place we would some delicious fish + chips. Not only did we receive fish & french fries, but very bland guacamole or green mash potatoes as well. We eventually found out about the mushy peas & laughed it off.

Notice all my favorites are surrounded by food LOL


  • While being in Prague we had an awesome Jewish Quarter tour. Our guide was awesome + we wish he could have been our personal guide for our whole trip. There was some powerful history with us that day & it felt like the old city felt alive. Learning about people from such a different period of time and being able to see the same exact buildings as they did, was crazy!!!!!!
  • I never thought one of my best moments about Prague would be drinking Lemonade, but the lemonade here was fantastic!!! Nowhere at home can I find Lavender or Elderflower Lemonade. Josiah + I spent our evening in Old Town staring at the Astronomical Clock drinking different lemonades.
  • Staying in the hostel was one experience I will never forget. We stayed at Ritchie’s Hostel, the best part was that we were in a great location off the main street Karlova and in 2 minute walking distance to the Charles Bridge. Not only was it super cheap, but we got to meet other travelers as well.



  • Going to the Colosseum was one of the most exciting things on our trip. It was crazy to think about the events that happened there. There was an aura in the air from all the past history. Pictures of the Colosseum just don’t do it justice. Not only did we take a bike tour past it, but also got to take a guided tour inside as well. We got to look down into the depth of the center & see where the cages would have been filled with medieval animals.
  • While in Rome we stayed with Christina who we found through Airbnb. Her and awesome dog welcomed us with open arms. At this time I was feeling pretty homesick and missing my own puppies, so this came at a great time. Staying with others not only let us meet new people but also let us stay in authentic neighborhoods. Most locals in Rome knew English, but not everyone in the Sant Antonio did. It was awesome. This was a non-tourist area & had the best Tiramisu I have ever had in my life. 2 blocks away from Christina’s home was Bar Pompi. This place is like heaven for any tiramisu + speciality coffee drinker like me.
  • All the food here was also very delicious. They used wonderful spices and we really felt like we were eating ethnic food. The places closer to tourist attractions and pretty steep, but if you go a little outside the center then you can find delicious cheap food.


  • Paris is by the far, the most beautiful place I have ever been to. If there was one thing I could change about our trip it would be, spending more time in Paris. Keep in mind that our flight there got delayed by 18 hours. Before visiting we had heard that Paris may not be a very friendly place, but that was just the opposite. Everyone was very friendly, and it was just one beautiful city. From our Air B&B we had a great view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The food. OMG. The food was nothing short of outstanding. We tried snails, pastries, frogs legs, and macaroons. I also had a goat cheese salad that had roasted potatoes. While on our bike ride we stopped for ice cream. While everyone picked the usual chocolate, I had lavender. YES, LAVENDER ICE CREAM + IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD.
  • Josiah also planned one of the best bike rides I have ever been on. We used Big Fat Tire Bike Tours. Not only did we get to ride bikes by the Louvre, but the bike ride also included a river boat tour as well that drifted past the Eiffel Tower while we drank wine. The next time I am in Paris we will definitely book one of their bike tours again.


Keep in mind we were only in Dublin for about 12 hours for a layover, but we also had many good times here.


  • 1. It was kinda crazy getting a Taxi in Dublin. We had no idea that they often do not accept credit cards, unlike what we experience in the other countries. The driver gave us a ride home and we literally gave him everything we had & it still wasn’t enough cash.
  • We tried fish & chips in a bag from a local fast food joint, because by the time we were able to get on the bus it was already past nine + we couldn’t find anywhere else to serve us food. So we sat on a random stoop at ate the meal from the paper bag. As we made our way down town, we were able to get some drinks & see the crowded bars. One lesson we did learn is that soda is not included in the price of a drink. For example, I ordered a gin + tonic and received a mini Shepps bottle and a glass with a shot of gin + some ice. I ended up paying separately for the tonic, almost doubling my price of drink. Shots it is next time then.
  • Not only did we take a taxi home, but we took a bike taxi. It was so cool. We even convinced our driver to stop at McDonalds. Even though we were staying a couple miles from downtown, the biker ensured us he could make it, and he did. I still don’t believe he knew far really we were going, but the ride was awesome.
  • In the morning before we went to the airport we quickly went downtown and tried to get to Guinness brewery. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us go to the gift shop because it was part of tours only. We just didn’t have the time to go on a tour due to our flight schedule.
Breanna's Journal

We Collect Lapel Pins

Our Minimal Souvenirs

We are just like everyone else & want to have something we can take home with us to help remember our trips. But being minimalist we really try not to buy to much of the touristy junk. Every once in awhile I will get a t-shirt or we will find something from a local craftsman. We never though buy a t-shirt just to have a t-shirt from there. Only if the item can be used on a regular basis or can be used for decorating our home, then do we buy it.

There is one thing we always try and bring home from our trips and that is a lapel pin. Whenever we go somewhere we search shops in order to find these unique pin. Every pin is different and reminds of us of where we have been. The pins work for us because they’re cheap, small, and easy to organize. We have pins from almost all our trips. The only places we don’t have them from are Myrtle beach, Lake Delevan, Lake Geneva, Cocoa Beach, and the Dells. Some tourists shops just don’t have them sadly.

On our last trip to Florida we were able to get several. We bought 1 Universal Studios, 2 Islands of Adventure, 1 from the Kennedy Space Center,and 2 from Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Pins do add up quickly. Currently we have 33 pins. As we see it, it is easier to have 33 pins than 33 coffee mugs.

To display all of our lapel pins Josiah & I picked up some canvas from a local fabric store, inserted 2 doll rods, and sewed all the sides together. It was easy, cheap, and handmade. We can roll it up when we want to store it away. We have the rope that was supposed to be used at our wedding ceremony tied around  it to keep it shut. Below is a picture of our canvas!


We have them all in chronological order so we can easily see the timeline of all the travels we have gone on. This canvas is really special to us because it displays all the adventures we have been on together. While we are traveling on the bus we plan to pick up as many lapel pins as we can along the way.

Captains Log

Star Date 2-6-16

Well I have been lazy!!

It has been some time from my last posts and updates on the site. That is all going to change! I have decided that I want to grow our “Brand” (Reese’s On Recess) The best way that I have come up with in order to attract more of YOU (the viewers/readers). Is to be more personable  and update more frequently.

So it is going to be a challenge of mine during the next few months. So I am going to put out a few goals and hold myself accountable to them because they are in writing. So let’s jump right in shall we:

1)Have 500 Subscribers on Youtube before we depart on the bus

2)Be full-time living in the bus by 7-11-16

3)Be the Authentic Me! & Update Often

So there you have it folks! These are my goals for the next 155 days as of writing this post.

Veggie Life

Vegan Munchies

I Am a Snacker

Vegan Snacks

My hardest challenge lately in trying to go vegan is finding vegan food at the grocery store. I feel like it should be so much simpler. Why do manufacturers make it so difficult to tell if there are animal products in it or not?  I awkwardly end up standing in the grocery store aisle searching ingredient labels to find if there are traces of animal by-product or not. Lately I have been finding great options at Caputo’s, Fresh Thyme, & Mariano’s. Sadly I have to drive 15 minutes or so to get to one. The easiest way to end my hassle would be to eat more fruits & vegetables. But who doesn’t like the fancy superfood snacks or chocolate chip cookies? One of my biggest issues is that I consider myself an ethical vegan, so I refrain from munching on anything that contains palm oil. So below I have made a list of some of my favorite vegan snacks.

Agave in the Raw – Organic Agave Syrup. I know this isn’t exactly a snack, but I do like to use it in my tea.

Cal-Snax – Sea Salt Kale Poppers. Kale chips took some time to get use to, but they’re a healthy snack to munch on.

Beanitos – Simply Pinto Bean w/ Sea Salt & Black Bean chips. These are great to bring to parties w/ a jar of salsa.

Brad’s Raw Chips – Red Bell Pepper. These are delicious with some hummus.

Eat Well Embrace Life – Edamame Hummus. This is my all time favorite hummus. I actually like a lot of this brand’s hummus too. I put it on carrot sticks and some of Brad’s Raw Chips.

Go Raw – Choco Crunch Granola. Great on dairy-free yogurt & just by itself.

Mamma Chia – Organic Chia Seeds. I use these to make chia pudding & also add to dairy-free yogurt.

Nature’s Path – Pumpkin Raisin Crunch – This is my favorite cereal, totally love this stuff.

Navitas Naturals – Sun-Dried White Mulberries & Blueberry Hemp Bites. These guys are great just by themselves.

So Delicious – Coconut Milk Yogurts. These have been somewhat hard to find and can be expensive if not on sale, which is a bum deal because I LOVE YOGURT.

As you can see, I have kind of became a chip eater. I never used to eat this many chips before becoming vegan. There is just such a wide range of vegan chips. If you see any snack on here that have since became non-vegan friendly, let me know. Also, in the comments let me know what your favorite vegan snacks are so I can try them too 🙂