Captains Log

Star Date 2-6-16

Well I have been lazy!!

It has been some time from my last posts and updates on the site. That is all going to change! I have decided that I want to grow our “Brand” (Reese’s On Recess) The best way that I have come up with in order to attract more of YOU (the viewers/readers). Is to be more personable  and update more frequently.

So it is going to be a challenge of mine during the next few months. So I am going to put out a few goals and hold myself accountable to them because they are in writing. So let’s jump right in shall we:

1)Have 500 Subscribers on Youtube before we depart on the bus

2)Be full-time living in the bus by 7-11-16

3)Be the Authentic Me! & Update Often

So there you have it folks! These are my goals for the next 155 days as of writing this post.

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