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My hardest challenge lately in trying to go vegan is finding vegan food at the grocery store. I feel like it should be so much simpler. Why do manufacturers make it so difficult to tell if there are animal products in it or not?  I awkwardly end up standing in the grocery store aisle searching ingredient labels to find if there are traces of animal by-product or not. Lately I have been finding great options at Caputo’s, Fresh Thyme, & Mariano’s. Sadly I have to drive 15 minutes or so to get to one. The easiest way to end my hassle would be to eat more fruits & vegetables. But who doesn’t like the fancy superfood snacks or chocolate chip cookies? One of my biggest issues is that I consider myself an ethical vegan, so I refrain from munching on anything that contains palm oil. So below I have made a list of some of my favorite vegan snacks.

Agave in the Raw – Organic Agave Syrup. I know this isn’t exactly a snack, but I do like to use it in my tea.

Cal-Snax – Sea Salt Kale Poppers. Kale chips took some time to get use to, but they’re a healthy snack to munch on.

Beanitos – Simply Pinto Bean w/ Sea Salt & Black Bean chips. These are great to bring to parties w/ a jar of salsa.

Brad’s Raw Chips – Red Bell Pepper. These are delicious with some hummus.

Eat Well Embrace Life – Edamame Hummus. This is my all time favorite hummus. I actually like a lot of this brand’s hummus too. I put it on carrot sticks and some of Brad’s Raw Chips.

Go Raw – Choco Crunch Granola. Great on dairy-free yogurt & just by itself.

Mamma Chia – Organic Chia Seeds. I use these to make chia pudding & also add to dairy-free yogurt.

Nature’s Path – Pumpkin Raisin Crunch – This is my favorite cereal, totally love this stuff.

Navitas Naturals – Sun-Dried White Mulberries & Blueberry Hemp Bites. These guys are great just by themselves.

So Delicious – Coconut Milk Yogurts. These have been somewhat hard to find and can be expensive if not on sale, which is a bum deal because I LOVE YOGURT.

As you can see, I have kind of became a chip eater. I never used to eat this many chips before becoming vegan. There is just such a wide range of vegan chips. If you see any snack on here that have since became non-vegan friendly, let me know. Also, in the comments let me know what your favorite vegan snacks are so I can try them too 🙂



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