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School Bus Conversion #21 Back Panel Removal!

Yes this video is BOMB!

Especially after #20 which let’s be honest here… Just Sucked!! However in this video I think that I did a pretty good job overall. We also got a lot of work done including removing the back panels around the door. That was the big item that we got to cross off the list.

It was actually pretty easy removing them. After you take out all of the screws and some rivets, however on my door lock near where the latch comes across there is an extra support piece that has 2 rivets. DO NOT GRIND THEM OFF! You will want to keep them  as they are the only thing holding the edge together. At least that is how our bus is put together. Then after it is loose you just simply cut down the edge with your trusty grinder and Bob’s your Uncle they come right off.

If you have any questions or anything at all just leave us a comment on the video and we will get right back with you.

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