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April 2016

School Bus Conversion Videos

School Bus Conversion Update #24

Update with some work mixed in. Got the floor painted safety yellow!! Breanna did a great job on painting the floor, giver her a thumbs up if you agree. She also was RIGHT on my trying to rush the second coat on.

School Bus Conversion Videos

School Bus Conversion RV~Skoolie~Tiny Home #23

More work on our new home in a school bus conversion. Sure does take a lot of work to turn an old school bus into a livable RV/Tiny Home. Finishing up the fiberglass as well as showing you the final result. Let us know how you think we did with the fiberglass in the comments below.

School Bus Conversion Videos

School Bus Conversion~ Fiberglass Holes #22

Let me start by saying that I am glad we used fiberglass on the holes.  However it sucks! Working with fiberglass is not my favorite thing to do but it sure works great. The outcome is exactly what I wanted 100% waterproof seal that is super strong. I know that a lot of people use eterna bond tape and I did think about using that but wanted to make sure there would be no issues. I think it was like $70 bucks i spent to get all of the fiberglass materials and was money well spent in my book.  I would definitely do fiberglass again if I convert another school bus.