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Captains Log

Captains Log

Star Date 11-19-15

Let me start by saying thank you to all of my subscribers out there on youtube!!! We are over 50 subscribers and as I type this we currently have 59, I can not express how thankful I am for each and everyone of you. It really does mean a lot to myself as well as Breanna that people enjoy watching as well as reading about us.

I would like to share with everyone how stupid I think America/Americans are as well as the porta potty of a nation that we are becoming. How the hell can you think it is ok to just change history! Here is what got me thinking about how fucking stupid we are Texas: We don’t need academics to fact-check our textbooks. Come on really! We don’t want to make sure our future generations are learning actual history instead let’s just go ahead and make shit up. Calling slaves workers is like calling the holocaust a misunderstanding between Germans and Jews.

This is more of a side note Dumbass Presidential Campaign: How do you not know what the United States of America looks like on a map? Oh wait I figured it out! You must have went to school in Texas!  (I have a feeling that it was released intentionally)

I don’t really have an update on much else other than the holidays are approaching fast and work on the bus and jeep will come to a screaming stop pretty soon. We were over at the bus the other day cleaning up and what not. Unfortunately no video or anything as all we did was sweep and take out all the trash. Got some projects I would like to get done that I had mentioned in the last skoolie update. I am preparing to just crank out most of the work in the spring as I personally am not a fan of the cold and don’t see myself working on the bus in the winter. Well thanks for reading more updates, info, and the like coming soon!!

Captains Log

Star Date 11-13-15

I put new rear shocks on the jeep the other day I also was going to do the front but ordered the wrong ones. I ended up going with Rancho 9000 Xl and am very happy with them so far and cannot wait to get the fronts done. Overall the process was very simple just a pain in the ass with the tires being so large but was able to work around that by propping them up on my legs lol.

Jeep tire change

Breanna said it best “Your Shit Will Set You Free” we have been doing a great job at downsizing our life. Getting rid of stuff has been a very easy process for myself. There are very few items that hold so much sentimental value that prevents me from getting rid of it. I almost feel that I have been living a minimalistic lifestyle to some degree for quite some time without even knowing it.

We also haven’t made it down to the basement where I keep items I don’t use frequently. We are planning on downsizing the basement in the spring when we move into the bus. However most items that are down there will be coming along as it is our camping gear and other outdoor items. However I am looking forward to getting rid of the items that will not be coming with us. Such as one of the dumbest items a 150 gallon fish tank that I never got set up.

I will be writing a post about my decision to move towards a meatless diet but wanted to just share a quick update about that. It’s HARD if you didn’t guess that already! However it is not impossible as there are so many options with meatless substitutes. I wish it was as simple as downsizing our possessions.

Captains Log

Star Date 11-6-15

So I thought that it would be fun to just start documenting more and more of our transition from the normal 9-5 to living aboard our land yacht of a tiny home. Now when I say normal living our “normal” life is still a tad alternative in the fact that our week starts on your Thursday with our weekend being Tuesday & Wednesday. Not to mention that we also have two roommates along with our two children Koro & Pumbaa sharing a whopping 1,470sqft.

 Let’s start with some truth shall we:

There are only two reasons that this website and our social media accounts exists, first being to bring in a small income that we can use while on the bus full-time along with other jobs. The second is we are able to reach a lot more people and hopefully make enough of an impact in their life (YOUR LIFE) to promote change.


If you haven’t read Breanna’s post about going vegan which she is in the process of doing and I am switching to more of a vegetarian based diet.  This transition has been very eye-opening to both of us that the world we are looking upon today is changing and not for the better I might add. I am sure that I will be discussing this in further posts so will leave with that for now.

I want to thank you for visiting our site and taking time out of your life to hear about ours. If you enjoy watching us please subscribe and drop us a line on our Facebook Page as well.