How To Build A Skoolie

The goal of this page and its subsequent pages will be my personal attempt to create a small instructional guide on how to build a skoolie. The pages will be updated with pictures and more information in the upcoming months as I continue to work on my school bus. The first piece of advice I would like to give you is if you have not bought your bus yet. Just know that building a skoolie is a commitment. Make sure that you are ready for the investment of time and money. Only you can determine if building a skoolie is worth it for you.

Our Conversion Video’s: From Start To Work In Progress is going to be your main resource in the conversion of your school bus to skoolie. I can promise you that. If you are anything like myself you are learning as you go and this truly is the best information available about converting a school bus into a RV. Definitely check out the build threads, as that is where you will learn step by step the process of how to convert your school bus in great detail.

I will be compiling all of the resources and websites that I have used and/or stumbled upon in order to learn how to build my skoolie. The best thing about your skoolie is that you are the one building it, and you get to decide everything. So that it is the exact way you want it! I am hoping that with the information that I will be sharing, you as well will be able to feel confident in your ability to build a skoolie. Prior to building our skoolie and or  land yacht as like to think of it. I never actually had any building or construction knowledge. I have literally learned everything that I know about building skoolies and tiny homes from reading blogs, forums, websites, and of course, the all mighty YouTube. Not to mention all the mistakes that I have learned along the way.  I hope that this will help you in your build as others have helped me. Stay tuned!

How To Buy A School Bus


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