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What about protein???

So many people have asked me, “where do you get your protein?” It really surprises me that out of everything this is what people care about. They don’t ask about the animal suffering or about the disappearing rainforest, but they sure do care about protein. Don’t get me wrong, being healthy and getting the right nutrients is important to me, but living in a society that is overweight and unfit, I’m surprised and slightly annoyed to hear such questions. No one has ever cared about my protein before going vegan, so I’m not sure why this is so important now. But anyways, this is how I get it.


I didn’t stop eating meat because I didn’t like the flavor, I quit, because the animals suffering for my food didn’t set right with me. This is why I turn to mock meats for a lot of my protein. There are several options out there such as Beyond Meat, Beast Burgers, Gardein, Field Roast, and Tofurky. These are just some of the brands that can be found at your local grocer. These are all very popular in my household and get added to our meals daily. The best part is, you don’t have to waste tons of money at whole foods on these products, I have purchased several of these from Walmart + Meijer at cheaper prices than the cost of meat.

Also, these mock meats can be treated just like animal meat. Just last weekend, Josiah & our roommate Scott made skewers with the Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage Sausages. They were delicious with some zucchini and bell peppers. Another favorite mock meal of ours is spaghetti and meatballs. We bought veggie pasta from Walmart and used Gardein’s Meatless Meatballs. It turned out absolutely delicious. For all the burger fans out there, Beast Burgers are awesome 1/4 lb burgers that actually contain more protein than regular burgers at 23 grams per burger. They’re easy to cook in the oven, in a skillet, and of course you can toss them on the grill. One more favorite of ours would be Gardein’s Fishless Fish Fillets. Bake those in the oven and top with vegan tartar sauce, a squeeze fresh lemon, add a side of rice + veggies and there you go. So delicious.

Besides mock meats, lentils and beans also are loaded up with protein. A quick look at the package will tell you exactly how much depending on the type. I personally like black beans and great northern beans the best, which have about 15 grams of protein per cup. Check out this link, as it lists 37 different types of legumes and their protein values.

Not only do I get my protein from mock meats, lentils, and beans, but also from protein powder. YES, they do make vegan protein powder. Who knew? Vega is one of the most popular brands out there for protein powder, I currently use Blenditup. I throw it in the blender with a bunch of fruit & almond milk.

I honestly believe that since going vegan and eating the different mock meats, we have become better cooks + we eat better tasting food. Josiah is an awesome cook to begin with, but since we have been forced to try new food, our cooking skills have drastically improved.  If you could eat amazing food, get the right nutrients, not contribute to animal suffering + environmental pollution, why wouldn’t you?

Veggie Life

Vegan Grocery Shopping

I’m not even kidding when I say “I love grocery shopping”. It’s even more fun now that I’m an adult and can really choose what I eat for the week based on my lifestyle. As a kid I simply had to eat whatever my parents bought, and sadly it wasn’t the healthiest food for my body. I remember as kid loading the cart up with hamburger helper and chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I still get chocolate chip cookies, but I get a pack of 12 instead of a box of 40. Grocery shopping should be fun, not just seen as a daily chore. This is the food that you will be putting in your body for the week. It’s the fuel your body runs off of.

As most of you know I’ve been vegan for a while now, but it’s still exciting to go to the store and find new vegan products. Especially, because lately there seems to be new vegan products coming out every week, from Chao cheeses to Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free ice cream there are tons of new options. Also, all the new mock meats from Tofurky, Gardein, and Field Roast are exciting to try. But sometimes those foods can be expensive, if not on sale. For example, Tofurky’s pizza at Fresh Thyme is $8 regularly. To save money I check sales add and stock up on them when I find a good bargain. If I can’t get it on sale, I don’t buy it, which just gives me an opportunity to try something else that is on sale that week.

It can be overwhelming to go to the store and try to flip through the add while everyone is bustling around you. That’s why before I even leave the house I check the sales ads online. This way I know what I’m buying before I even walk in and don’t feel rushed. I really try not to buy anything that isn’t on my list. With so many superfoods these days and colorful marketing, it can be hard to stay on track. I also write down the price of the item from the sales ad so I can make sure I’m getting the right product. For instance, sometimes I get overwhelmed when there’s bagged carrots, organic carrots, baby carrots, rainbow carrots, peeled carrots, and I’m like “uhhh I just need the carrots that are on sale for 1lb/$.99.” Plus when I have the prices written down, I can see if they’re actually cheaper at the first store, even if they’re not on sale.

I hope this helps you guys! Please, in the comments below leave any advice on how to be cheaper & also what to do instead of the produce bags you find at the grocery store.



Veggie Life

Shuffling Towards Veganism

I always knew I’d stop meating (eating meat) one day, I just didn’t know when.

My name’s Breanna, I’m a vegetarian going vegan. But that’s not all. I’m also a cookie eater, horse lover, dog cuddler, Jeep driver, wannabe minimalist, and wife of a husband who’s converting a school bus into a tiny home.

I still have the memory clip in my head. I was 13 and was on a youth group trip with my church friends heading to one of those team building resorts. A girl named Kaitlyn was defending herself on why she didn’t meat. We all sat there thinking she was crazy. She went into detail about how KFC threw their chickens against the wall to kill them (I never did check the credibility on that).  That moment, is the exact moment that started this all.

It wouldn’t be until college that I’d have another run in with vegetarianism. I never thought when I met Dr. Miller, my philosophy teacher, that he would have a lasting impression on me. On our very first day he asked us if we were speciesist. Did we as meat eaters think we were better than others, such as cows, monkeys, and horses. Strangely, maybe because of  our pride, we all answered “no”. I mean we all ate meat and yet never would admit that we thought less of the animals that provided the flesh. Over the course we would watch tons of documentaries about where our food came from. We viewed Forks Over KnivesFat, Sick, and Nearly DeadFood Inc. and any other documentary out there that makes one question what’s on their plate. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the instance I declared my love for vegetables and stop eating meat. I wasn’t going to let propaganda and biased Netflix documentaries change my comfortable lifestyle.

Years later after eating my fair share of chicken caesar salads and bacon cheeseburgers I decided I was going to dedicate myself to being a vegetarian. But it wasn’t until after I saw something with my own eyes that my life would change. My best friends and I were on our way back home from Nashville, TN. We had just spent the weekend killing our livers, stuffing our faces with BBQ, and having the time of our lives for my Bachelorette party. As we were in the midst of the 8 hour drive back home a semi pulled in front of us. It wasn’t just any semi. It was a semi truck trailer filled with chickens. Alive, dead, and frightened chickens were aboard a ride to hell. I knew from that moment on I didn’t want any of those chickens atop my iceberg lettuce.

The one thing Dr. Miller did teach me was that, life is about shuffling in the right direction, because eventually after enough shuffling, things will be where they need to be. These three instances shuffled me into place.

& That’s it. That’s my story. I’d love to hear your story about becoming vegetarian or vegan in the comments below 🙂

I wonder if Kaitlyn is still vegetarian.