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Breanna's Journal

Moving Into The Bus


11 Days in a Bus

It has really been crazy living in our school bus for the last week & a half. We love it. We hate it. We never regret it. The 9th of September we set out on our voyage to Campbellsville, KY. It took us in total about 8 hours between two days to get to the place we now call home. On Friday night we slept at a truckstop in Seymour, KY. At about noon on Saturday we arrived at Green River Stables where we will be staying till the end of December.
Once we picked our spot, the fun began! I have been waiting for this moment for months. Finally, I could decorate and place all our knick knacks on display from past travels. It took about 3 hours to get everything set up in just the right place. Over the next week we would spend time reorganizing + pitching things that we just didn’t have room for. There’s several ten minute projects that we would continue throughout the week. Some of those projects were; leveling out the bus, putting more caulk on the roof (specifically on the screws), leak proofing the plumbing to the sink, mounting the tv, & hanging up the curtains.

While here, we will be working for Amazon in one of their fulfillment centers as pickers. Hopefully we can make some decent money while here and leave with some great memories. Everyone that we have met so far has loved the bus. We expected a lot of hate from the Rvers parked around us who have spent well over 40K on their rigs. The only rude comment we received was “Do you have air conditioning in your bus?” Anyone could tell from simply passing our bus that we do, since we have a vent out the drivers windows. Apparently, the guy told Josiah he was worried about our dogs, as if we would leave them in a hot bus all day. That really upset me, because I would never do that any animal + especially not my furbabies.

On that note, our dogs seem to really love it here. We have an end spot so there’s not too much traffic our way & they get to explore the woods and trails often since they’re only a minutes walk away. They’ve been getting along great. I do think their favorite part was the drive, because they would occasionally stick their head out the window, even on the highway.
Overall, the bus has been fun for last 11 days, we have deff thought of high tailing it home, but we won’t give up that quick. We know this is the life we want to be able to travel & not spend our life working away. I’m sure as the days go on, we will learn to love our bus more & more.

Till next time,
XOXO Breanna

School Bus Conversion Videos

Gym Floor Counter Top in a School Bus!

So we picked up a used master bath vanity that will become our new kitchen cabinets. As well as our kitchen counter top which will be a piece of gym flooring. Its cool on multiple levels but also sticks with the theme quite well. I mean recess, school bus, and now gym flooring. LOL

School Bus Conversion Videos

School Bus Conversion~ Interior Studs Pt1 #32

How to put up interior studs in a skoolie. I am installing studs to secure everything to the wall. The studs are attached directly to the ribs in the school bus. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Big thanks to Steampunk Steve for his video which gave me the know how!

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversoin #30

Brief little update on your school bus turned skoolie tiny home! Ran out of the safety yellow paint. So I decided to buy poo brown for the last little part. I couldn’t resist… =) HAHA

School Bus Conversion ~Live

School Bus Conversion Live

Coming To You Live


I thought it would be fun to start a new section of our YouTube channel. Live streams straight from the bus! Hopefully you will find these video’s entertaining as well as informative. We are just a regular couple converting a school bus into a tiny home on wheels nothing special. Well we might be a little special but only in the best possible way. I mean we do own and will live in a “short bus”.

Breanna's Journal

We Collect Lapel Pins

Our Minimal Souvenirs

We are just like everyone else & want to have something we can take home with us to help remember our trips. But being minimalist we really try not to buy to much of the touristy junk. Every once in awhile I will get a t-shirt or we will find something from a local craftsman. We never though buy a t-shirt just to have a t-shirt from there. Only if the item can be used on a regular basis or can be used for decorating our home, then do we buy it.

There is one thing we always try and bring home from our trips and that is a lapel pin. Whenever we go somewhere we search shops in order to find these unique pin. Every pin is different and reminds of us of where we have been. The pins work for us because they’re cheap, small, and easy to organize. We have pins from almost all our trips. The only places we don’t have them from are Myrtle beach, Lake Delevan, Lake Geneva, Cocoa Beach, and the Dells. Some tourists shops just don’t have them sadly.

On our last trip to Florida we were able to get several. We bought 1 Universal Studios, 2 Islands of Adventure, 1 from the Kennedy Space Center,and 2 from Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Pins do add up quickly. Currently we have 33 pins. As we see it, it is easier to have 33 pins than 33 coffee mugs.

To display all of our lapel pins Josiah & I picked up some canvas from a local fabric store, inserted 2 doll rods, and sewed all the sides together. It was easy, cheap, and handmade. We can roll it up when we want to store it away. We have the rope that was supposed to be used at our wedding ceremony tied around  it to keep it shut. Below is a picture of our canvas!


We have them all in chronological order so we can easily see the timeline of all the travels we have gone on. This canvas is really special to us because it displays all the adventures we have been on together. While we are traveling on the bus we plan to pick up as many lapel pins as we can along the way.

Captains Log

Star Date 2-6-16

Well I have been lazy!!

It has been some time from my last posts and updates on the site. That is all going to change! I have decided that I want to grow our “Brand” (Reese’s On Recess) The best way that I have come up with in order to attract more of YOU (the viewers/readers). Is to be more personable  and update more frequently.

So it is going to be a challenge of mine during the next few months. So I am going to put out a few goals and hold myself accountable to them because they are in writing. So let’s jump right in shall we:

1)Have 500 Subscribers on Youtube before we depart on the bus

2)Be full-time living in the bus by 7-11-16

3)Be the Authentic Me! & Update Often

So there you have it folks! These are my goals for the next 155 days as of writing this post.

Our School Bus Conversion

Winter Is Comming

Well winter is right around the corner not to mention the holidays and new year. Original plan was to have our skylight installed, spray foam completed, and floor installed with insulation and ¾” plywood. Well none of those items have happened lol.

So I may have been a little too optimistic when goal planning originally and still am a bit optimistic as I would like to be completed in June of 2016. But here it goes this will be the timeline that we will hopefully be able to follow (fingers crossed).


Fill up tank and winterize engine

Remove front bulk head.


Dependent on temps we will also apply ospho to all rusted areas as well as use fiberglass to cover all the holes in the foor.

If we are able to get those items taken care of we will also then paint on some rustoleum

So what if the weather does not cooperate with my days off??? The back up plan is going to be to clean up the floor as best I can then cover it in cardboard so there is no metal exposed.

December to March

We will be using this time to acquire items for the build as well as this is going to be out layout planning stage. I watched a video not that long ago about a stealth van conversion and how he made a full scale version from cardboard before building for the perfect layout and design. immediately a light bulb went off in my head that this is the best way for us to determine our layout.

With making a full scale model in the bus out of cardboard we will be able to make changes quickly to determine exactly what we are looking for with our layout.  Not to mention this will hopefully speed up the build come spring time because everything will already have a predefined place.


Depending on if we are able to get the floor in the next couple of weeks this will be the first project in the spring.

Next will be installing the skylight.

Install main support for rooftop deck.

Have spray foam installed

Build bed/floating floor frame.


Frame bathroom walls

Run pex for plumbing

Install Kitchen sink and cabinets

Build main couch area

Install Ceiling


Run all electric

Paint Roof/Bus

Install Solar Panels

Build Rooftop Deck

There are many mini projects that I have not listed here but this gives a good general overview. I have a feeling that we will be able to move much quicker in the spring as i will be able to use some vacation days to have three day weekends to work on the bus. Not to mention the fact that we would like to use it over the summer as well. As always thanks for reading about and watching us always appreciate the support and if you want to stay updated with our new life subscribe to our youtube channel and website for up to date info. AND DON’T FORGET WINTER IS COMING!!!

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Breanna's Journal

Your Shit Will Set You Free

Throw it out. Donate it. Give it away. Whatever you do, just get rid of it.

Shit, that’s all it is. It fills up our homes, life, and time.

Last spring we decided to do some clearing out & we haven’t stopped since then. This past month alone we have made five trips to Goodwill.  Last spring when we went through we thought we had cleaned out everything we didn’t need. We had a huge carload full of clothes, kitchen utensils, books, and so much more. Everyday I find more things around my home that I don’t use enough to be worth keeping. Every time I put something to the side to get donated, I’m relieved. Having so much stuff can be stressful. I never realized that I had accumulated so many unnecessary things.


(Sifting through random soap samples.)

I love shopping, just like any other girl. My mom used to take me clothes shopping all the time when I was in high school. I’ve always had nice clothes and worn brand named labels. Once I got my first job at Olive Garden (where Josiah + I met), I continued to spend money on clothes, shoes, and makeup. I never realized how much money I was pissing away on material things. I could have used that money to go on vacation, but instead I was just getting immediate gratification from having a new pair of kicks. Downsizing my closet has been the hardest thing for me when it comes to being a minimalist. I spent my hard-earned money on those clothes, how could I dare just hand them off? I had clothes in my closet with the tags still on them. I told myself I haven’t gotten enough use out of them to donate them. But I did. Because I knew if I hadn’t worn them by now, I wasn’t going to. I had to stop lying to myself. Telling myself, “I’ll wear that ‘next time’.” Because when “next time” rolled around I’d wear one of my usual favorites. I’m down to four pairs of jeans, and that’s not very many for a girl who is used to having a closet full. I know there’s more clothes in my closet I can donate, I’m just not “ready yet”, but I will be soon.

I found a lot of items in the kitchen to donate. There’s only four people living in my house & yet we have 10 plates, why? Why do we have 12 pots of different sizes? I only have two burners ever going at the same time. Just so much extra stuff. 10 bowls, 23 glasses and coffee mugs, 50 pieces of mismatching Rubbermaid containers, 3 spatulas, 3 loaf pans, 5 different cupcake pans, 3 pizza trays, random gadgets, and way to much silverware. I had to tell myself my cupcakes would taste just as good if they’re the classic round or in a butterfly shape.

Breanna Give Away

(Do I wear all of this jewelry?)

It’s not easy, but it makes life easier. Now when I go out to the bar, I don’t have to spend so long trying to figure out what I want to wear, because I love everything I have. I don’t have to decide which eyeshadow, because I only have one palette to choose from.  It makes life simpler having only what I really need and find important. Now I’m constantly slimming down whatever I can. Like today I cleaned out two file holders and twenty pens. There is no reason to have so much stuff just taking up valuable space. I now have made it a challenge for myself to see what else I can toss into the donate pile.

The one area we have not gone through yet and slimmed down is the basement. We honestly don’t have that much stuff in our basement. It’s just going to be a big pain going through packed away camping gear and filled tool boxes. We are saving it for a snowy day this winter when we are locked inside the house when we are unable to work on the bus or jeep.

So I challenge you, donate what you can this holiday season. & only buy what you truly need to on Black Friday. Just because you can buy something doesn’t mean you should.

It’s not a sale, if you don’t need it.