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Captains Log

Star Date 2-25-16


I think that I have done a good job so far in posting more often in here as well as on Youtube. Actually I have decided that I want to have a new video posted every day. Yes you read that right.

On one hand I don’t think that anyone will even really watch all of the videos just like this probably will not be read lol. But I enjoy it and that is what is important and if you’re reading this I am going to assume you do as well if you’re reading this. However my mom did teach me what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me. But I digress….

Ok so for starters we got the bus seat! There will be more on that on a skoolie update post and video and the like. It looks like a brand new seat it really does. We also took the jeep top down and went for a drive to the bus to work on it the other day. I thought the video turned out pretty good. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it.

I spoke with my Aunt about coming to park and finish up the bus at there house. My Uncle has been an electrician is whole life and going to give me some pointers and instruction for the bus. Last thing that I need to do is blow it up or start an electrical fire. All that hard work I have been putting in an will put in would have been for nothing.

So there you have it folks I have stuck with it and been writing more posts to keep the website updated. Also going to be posting new videos daily on youtube! #mynewchallenge




Captains Log

Star Date 12-14-15

We went to the protests downtown the other day, I am in full support for a change in our government. Illinois and Chicago are notoriously corrupt which has never given me great faith in the Feds either. I have been thinking about starting another channel and site more about change that needs to start taking place.

Heading to the bus this week to do some odd and end things. I need to clean up the wiring a bit and remove the front bulk head. Got some work to do on the jeep as well in the next coming weeks. I plan on doing a 1″ transfer case drop and adjust my control arms to see if I can get rid of some driveline vibration. Not much else has been happening, we have just been having some fun out doing christmas stuff. But sure will have more to update tomorrow and will hopefully have a video to post. Plus we are going to a vegan meetup group in the city as well.

Captains Log

Star Date 11-13-15

I put new rear shocks on the jeep the other day I also was going to do the front but ordered the wrong ones. I ended up going with Rancho 9000 Xl and am very happy with them so far and cannot wait to get the fronts done. Overall the process was very simple just a pain in the ass with the tires being so large but was able to work around that by propping them up on my legs lol.

Jeep tire change

Breanna said it best “Your Shit Will Set You Free” we have been doing a great job at downsizing our life. Getting rid of stuff has been a very easy process for myself. There are very few items that hold so much sentimental value that prevents me from getting rid of it. I almost feel that I have been living a minimalistic lifestyle to some degree for quite some time without even knowing it.

We also haven’t made it down to the basement where I keep items I don’t use frequently. We are planning on downsizing the basement in the spring when we move into the bus. However most items that are down there will be coming along as it is our camping gear and other outdoor items. However I am looking forward to getting rid of the items that will not be coming with us. Such as one of the dumbest items a 150 gallon fish tank that I never got set up.

I will be writing a post about my decision to move towards a meatless diet but wanted to just share a quick update about that. It’s HARD if you didn’t guess that already! However it is not impossible as there are so many options with meatless substitutes. I wish it was as simple as downsizing our possessions.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update #15 We Got A Jeep

Well if you didn’t guess it from the title or haven’t seen it before we got a Jeep! It is going to be our toad when we are road full time, (hey that kinda rhymes). Going to be doing some mods to it as well in the future. For now not to much in the way of bus work today just cleaning up a bit for the welders as our skylight is going to be ere in the next few days.

School Bus Conversion Videos

Skoolie Conversion Update! #11 Window Removal Part 1

Alright so this video is actually a week old. Sorry I wasn’t able to post it sooner. It has been a busy past week or two, have had a lot going on with the bus as well as needed to decide what to do about our car situation. The lease was up for my car today and we had been trying to figure out what to do. Personally I wanted to buy a white construction work van and convert it to be a stealth camper van but that will be a different post.

We both really want to have a Jeep Wrangler as our toad behind the school bus. One of the main reasons is it is a vehicle that can be flat towed as there really aren’t that many options for flat towed vehicles. Second is we both have always wanted to have a Jeep. I will be posting more info about our Jeep as well but here is a picture of the one that we are probably going to get!

Jeep Wrangler TJ 2001